Life was not meant to be lived in completely safety. Do not hide under a rock when you’ve been called to stand up.Do something meaningful but uncomfortable with your time every single day.

The chances for Alex and Rosie to be together slipped away several times. As other best friends do, in most situation, they share everything with each other immediately but sometimes it is a wrong timing and they have to drop it. And after impulse, when calm down,they choose not to tell. Rosie desperately wanted to tell Alex that she was pregnant, but Alex was having a good time! How could she bothered him and destroyed his happiness? She couldn’t. And she chose to convince herself that there was no use to tell him the truth and he would not leave to Boston for college and his life would also be ruined. I really doubt that Alex would give up the scholarship of Harvard since I think Alex is not that into Rosie. And most importantly, by lying to Alex, Rosie could still have day dreaming that her life was still what it supposed to be instead of a dramatic change and everything was in a mess.

Jack Harrington and his mum Nancy were walking their dog on Silver Bay Beach in Anglesey when he spotted the glass bottle containing a scroll of paper written in a foreign language。

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Love, Rosie is a typical romantic movie as you could tell from the title, and with no mistake it is. This film was adapted from the book Where Rainbows End and leaded by gorgeous stars, for which it is worth watching. What’s more, maybe due to my low expectation I found that it was not so boring and sometimes surprising.

新萄京娱乐场网址 1 南茜 thought the writing was in Chinese and managed to find a friend to translate it。 Nancy认为上面的字迹疑似中文,就想办法找到一个爱人支持翻译。 The text contains a story of love and loss and appears to have come from Gulangyu Island –an island off the coast of Xiamen city in southern China。 里面包车型客车原委是有关一段爱和分手的典故,逸事貌似是爆发在梅里雪山——中夏族民共和国南边达累斯萨拉姆左近的一座小岛。 If the bottle really did come from the island near Hong Kong, it would have floated thousands of miles around the world。 假设那只鹅颈瓶的确是从香港(Hong Kong)相邻飘过来的话,那它就绕着地球远涉重洋了几千英里。 The translated message 译文: “Gulangyu islet is the most surprising, most memorable, and the place of both my happiest and saddest memories。 摄山大概会是自家那辈子最倍感意外、最难忘、埋藏小编幸福及悲哀回想的地点。 At this unromantic and unremarkable islet, my romance that never started, ended。 在这些称不上罗曼蒂克,亦平淡无奇的小岛上,大家迎来了从未开首,却自然寿终正寝的情意。 Three or maybe four days remain, to reminisce, to regret, to feel our emotions, where I can be allowed to quietly enjoy being with you, watching you, holding you close。 二七日,亦或是四日?有留恋,有不满,有震撼……总能让自家冷静享受与您一同虚度的时光,瞧着你,牵着您,牢牢的不加大。 Life must continue。 The things you hold on to always hold you back。 Keep moving forward, keep running。 With all the things there are to think about, you will eventually forget。 生活总要继续,记挂的东西多了,总会有约束。向前看,向前走,多数东西,不去想,终归会遗忘。 There is a famous saying: ‘There’s nothing you can do about it, so face reality。’ 有句话说的好:“当您无能为之时,只好面前碰着现实。” You need to be happy。 Don’t get too skinny, don’t feel the need to change yourself。 If you want to be a good person, there’s no need to change, as you’re already there。 你要快乐点儿。不要太瘦,不要总想着更换自个儿。假若您想成为二个越来越好的人,那您就不用更动了,因为您已经很棒了。 Wherever you may be, take time out to think in peace and quiet。 Spend your days being happy with someone who is special to you。 无论你身在何处,都抽时间静静想一想。和你喜爱的人齐声喜悦的生活。 Bye, my little sweetie, and goodbye to our Gulangyu islet。 再见,小编的爱,再见,大家的狼牙山。

By Tyler Tervooren 

Although they suffered a lot, and years have gone, they couldn’t let go the love for each other. When Alex saw Rosie’s daughter trying to deny the kiss and her feeling of her best friend Toby, he couldn’t help telling the true feeling and thought he had - he made the goal that he had to find a perfect girl to get over Rosie after her ‘denial’ of their kiss at her 18th birthday party. Lucky for Rosie’s daughter Katie and her best friend Toby, they were told to be brave to think more and take a step and thus they didn’t need to suffer as much as Rosie. Why people are so obsessed about love? I think one of the reasons is that love is quite strong that it drives people crazy and gives amazing power to them and no matter how hard they try, they fail to deny or ignore it.

An 11-year-old boy who was beachcombing had a big surprise when he discovered a message in a bottle washed up on the sand。

Take pride in your abilities, and always use your powers for good instead of evil. Someday, you’ll be remembered for what you did with them.

The theme of this movie is the love of best friends who lost the chances of getting together over and over again. It sucks that neither of them is brave enough to tell the true feeling and too afraid to lose each other if they were rejected. And to be honest, I like the role Rosie more than Alex. Rosie could have had a glorious life if only she did not get pregnant by incident and hold her baby when she was about to be sent to a new family for adoption. And as she predicted, her life, as a single mum, was all about feeding, changing diapers and washing, but she never regret, since she knew exactly that this was her responsibility and the right thing to do and also due to the fun and joy to be a mother she never expected. For living, she had to give up the college course and be a male in a hotel while Alex got graduated from Harvard and was a doctor having a well decorated apartment and a sexy girlfriend. It seems that Rosie was totally in a mess and Alex lived a perfect life. In fact, Alex was not happy. How could he be happy to live with someone he did not truly love? There is no doubt that his girl friend is hot and beautiful, good at cooking and social and she could be a dream wife, however, she will never be the one that Alex is eager to share his feelings with in no time and the one that can see his soul and understand his weird and twisted dream. He thought he could deceive himself, unluckily, life kept reminding him the truth. And after fighting with his girlfriend, Alex texted Rosie and told her that he missed her. Rosie was always in his mind.


If you want people to pay attention to you, then dress well and speak like you know what you’re talking about.  There’s a reason we pay more attention to people in expensive clothes. It’s the easiest way to tell that someone cares about his or herself.

I have to say I saw this movie, Love Rosie, totally because of Lily Collins. What a gorgeous girl she is! At the first sight that she was in the LANCOME Advertisement on TV, I was enchanted by her beauty. Longing to know more about her, I Google her. Her perfect face and glorious family background made it impossible for me to be not interested in her. Consequently, I decided to see the movie Lily was cast.

Improve yourself every day…

Consequently, although a few years apart, Alex decided to come back and be with Rosie and finally they were together! Just as Rosie said, better late than never. So do us. Even though we might have spent years with the wrong person as Rosie and Alex did, it’s better late than never to find the right one. And at that time, we can be mature enough to deal with the relationship and treasure more the one that is not easy to finally be with.

If you’re not used to living like this, you won’t change overnight. However, you can make a huge step in the right direction by taking just a tiny one today. Find something that makes your heart beat just a little bit faster and go do it.

Rosie flied to Boston and they had a good day, there was so much fun and they seemed to go back to the past when she was his Rosie and he was her Alex and nothing’s ever changed. That day they almost kissed, almost. There were several scenes about their kiss and except the first and last scene, they did not actually kiss. It was easy to tell that Alex was trying to shy away the kiss, because they once kissed at Rosie’s 18th Birthday and Rosie told him to pretend nothing happened for she was so embarrassed, and obviously the proud boy got hurt. The deeper you love, the deeper you hurt. Secretly, they wanted each other so badly, but they never tell. This is the side effect of boy-girl friendship which is too ‘precious’ to lose. The one you love most is the least one you can lose. He or she is also the one in front of whom you can’t lose your pathetic and valued dignity, and whose rejection is the least thing you can accept. Thus it is much more difficult for them to tell the true feeling. Once he asked what if she was in love with him as a joke, and he did mean that, and of course Rosie told him that it wouldn’t happen and teased him as usual. It is common that the best friend relationship you don’t want to change since you already got use to it and you think it is the best until one day you find out that he or she could be with others and is no longer yours. And that day, is always too late.

At the intersection of all your talents, weaknesses, and perspectives on the world lies yourultimate gift to humanity– the unique thing that the world needs and you’re the only person on Earth that can give it.

Never give up your drive. Be grateful every day for what you have, but never let an accomplishment stop you from pursuing another.

Travel is fatal to xenophobia. The more you see of different people and different places, the more you realize we’re all the same.

You will not be remembered for the things you consumed. Once you’re gone, all that remains of you are the things you created, the ideas you spread, and the way you made people feel. Make sure you’re building something meaningful that will last.

Take the time, every single day, to help someone over a hurdle, to learn something new, or to do something meaningful. Not only will this improve their life, but it will improve yours and everyone’s around you.

Winning is hard work and you deserve to enjoy it when it happens. Spare no expense in time or money because you never know when you’ll get to again. Take pride in your achievement and show people how good it feels to be on top.

Unless you truly want to remain in obscurity, don’t be shy when you do something worth mentioning. If you create something amazing, stand up and claim it.

Don’t screw around when it’s time to work. The only way to get where you want to be in life is to take what you do seriously and do it as often as possible.

Win passionately…

Pick somewhere you’ve never been and make a plan to go there. Don’t think to hard about it. Don’t try to pick the perfect place. You’ll have more opportunities to go elsewhere once you get started and frequent flyer milesare abundant. If you need to save, then save. If you need to plan, then plan. But, by all means, go.

Take credit when you do something great…

You don’t need a lot of them to be happy, but a few incredibly close friends or relatives – people you can talk to about anything – will make life a lot easier and more enjoyable to get through.

Don’t be afraid of this. The people who succeed the most in life usually fail the most, too. At the same time that Babe Ruth was setting baseball’s home run record, he was also setting the strikeout record. Nobody really cares about that, though. The idea is to slowly tip the scale towards success.

Take a risk on something you’ll probably lose.

The temporary fear that comes from being in the spotlight will soon fade, and it’s nothing compared to the glory. You earned it, so don’t let it pass you by.

Leverage what you’re already good at…

Everything you’ve achieved in life is a gift. You were either born capable or born able to become capable.

Do something that scares you every day.

You’ll be met with fear, anger, and even violence from those that keep things working the way they always have. Don’t be deterred. The whole world is depending on you.

It’s just as important to network with as many people as you possibly can. You can’t have 10,000 best friends, but in today’s digital world,10,000 acquaintancesthat keep you motivated, tell you jokes, and help you with the odd problem you’re having are not that hard to come by.

…And help someone else improve every day.

There’s no reason why you can’t take yourself seriously and have a lot of fun laughing, too. Relax a bit. Work your ass off, but make it a good time – not just for you, but for everyone around you, too.

It’s common in today’s world to simplyoutsource your weaknessesto someone who’s better at them. That can be useful at times, but never take it for granted.

Endeavor to become better at the things that hold you back and never assign part of your life to someone when you don’t fully understand what they’re doing with it. You’re the one in charge, so make sure you get what you actually want.

You have influence. It may be over just a few people or it may be over millions; only time will tell. Whether you want it or not, you’ve got it, and what you do with it will change the course of history forever.

When things are harder than ever before and you don’t know where to turn, these are the people that will keep your head on straight. Do everything you can to help them and you’ll get the same in return.

Life is interesting because tiny differences can create completely different cultures. As you learn of new ones, try not to lose the one that others will also, someday, want to learn of.